Monday, July 28, 2014

Eiffel Tower Fountain Paris

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Maker Hangar Episode 11: Installing Electronics

In Episode 11 of Maker Hangar (the third episode in building the Maker Trainer) Lucas Weakley shows us how to install all the servos, the motor, the receiver, and rout all the wires in the Maker Trainer. These next steps require a bit of patience and precision so take your […]

RobotGrrl Offering Tentacle Bot Kits

Maker Faire staple Erin "RobotGrrl" Kennedy has a sweet new kit, called Botbait. It's a servo-controlled tentacle equipped with RGB LEDs, and the whole thing is laser-cut, 3D printed, and molded out of Sugru. Currently she's offering a kit of just the tentacle pieces, a kit with electronics, and a pre-assembled and customized tentacle.

Building Memory Registers With Transistors

Teslaling's DIY RAM uses 24 NPN transistors and 24 resistors to create three bits of memory.

Recycled Energy: Ambient Backscatter Allows Wireless Communications with no Batteries

A team at the University of Washington has just come up with something that could become the next big thing for the Internet of Things. They're using existing TV and cellular transmissions—ambient RF energy that's in the air around already—both as a communication medium, and as a source of power.

Maker Camp: Cyborg Creations!

Today's Maker Camp dives deep into our MAKE: Believe theme as we learn how to turn ourselves into cyborgs! Well, at least we'll learn how to look like one.

Make Faire Rome: Meet More Makers

The line-up of makers at Rome's first-ever Maker Faire (Oct. 3-6) is impressive. Here's a look at some of who and what is on tap for the pan-European fair this fall.